Week 6 highlights from the BIG3; Allen Iverson a no-show in Dallas

Week 6 of the BIG3 took place in Dallas on Sunday. A crowd of 15,000 plus expected to see Hall of Famer and player/coach Allen Iverson, but he was a no-show. Currently, the BIG3 is investigating Iverson’s absence.

Here are highlights from Week 6 of the BIG3:

GAME 1: Killer 3s (50, 2-4) vs. Ball Hogs (40, 1-5)


GAME 2: 3 Headed Monsters (50; 5-1) vs. Tri-State (45; 1-5)


GAME 3: Trilogy (51; 6-0) vs. Ghost Ballers (36; 3-3)


GAME 4: 3’s Company (53; 2-4) vs. Power (49; 4-2)


Video/Courtesy: FOX Sports 1


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